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Obesity is the HIV of our age
the World Health Organisation has been holding a conference in London on obesity and health focusing on the developed worlds descent into an epidemic, we are seeing massive increase in cancer attributed to obesity and peoples lack of fitness, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke is a massive and well documented factor but behind this we are seeing significant increase in liver, kidney and intestinal cancers. 

unfortunately a lot of the research is showing a leisurely 30 min walk isn't the benefit people thought to stay heathy you need to get sweaty and work out hard and often.

This is fantastic I highly recommend it take your children / grandchildren along we need to start turning the tide its never to late this is a great starter and introduction to regular exercise, I have joined the local Triathlon and Running clubs nr me and I take my grandson along, for the younger ones parkrun for kids is brilliant, its 2k you do it with them great family morning that's not focused on junk food and sedentary activity.
 July 15th 2018

I have a FB chum darn sarf who's well into the Parkrun mallarky, started taking his young lad along recently, it's a win-win, he gets his exercise and the little shit gets too knacked to play up Shy

Under pressure from Mrs D and No 2 son to get a treadmill again and get lumpy leg moving a bit, not up to running at the moment and probs have to wait till my granddaughter's out of nappies, but I always used to walk the legs off the kids when they were younger, it's what the Peak District was invented for.
There's no hope ........ he'll be an engineer !
hope the leg pick up, I don't bother with the running machine it makes my knee bad running outside is a lot better for some reason up to about 10 miles then knee starts to grind, done 12 miles the other week and it really was giving me some hammer, Manchester Half on sunday so 13.1 miles should get it done but will be looking for a cold bath after.

the parkrun is a great crowd very supportive everyone helps each other no one is last a volunteer is always the last one through, sprint, run, jog, trot, walk or shuffle some people just walk the dog it matters not just as long as you enjoy the social interaction and fresh air
 July 15th 2018

I’m in two minds, I agree with you....about the obesity.

Seeing kids going to school, scoffing Greggs, McDonalds or worse bags of crisps.... High Energy drinks or other fizzy stuff.... eating on the hoof.

The main gripe is fast food... Dominos...Papa Johns and another pizza main stream, then the Indian delivery, Kebab delivery shite .....
I cringe when shopping, seeing families arguing over What’s For Tea... it’s all processed convenience food...
Generally I get a variety of veggies and have them with fresh meat.... I could easily do the convenience food being alone now, but it’s satisfying to DIY. Most people are inherently lazy when it comes to meal preparation.... so they eat shite.

Now...exercise! I can’t now, so I’ll leave it there.

It was in the late 80s/90s that people started getting obese.... and that seemed to be when all this fast food culture began emerging...