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Monkey Valve Check.
[Image: 8AE1C603-A72F-4C50-B4C9-E8266C0608EF_zps3vbjezyv.png]Here be a cautionary tale.

The MSX hasn't missed a beat, but it has been reluctant to get to top speed of late.

The forums have all stated the valves will tighten up while bedding in. You would therefore expect your friendly, happy Honda dealer would know this and would do the FUCKING JOB HES BEEN FUCKING paid for.....

Part of the 600 mile service... when I cracked the covers off.... they've never been off...

The inlet valve was ZERO clearance.

The exhaust valve was tighter than standard, so set to spec.

Unfortunately, the job is an utter swine being so small and having gorilla sized hands.

I would advise you have a look at yours chaps.

I'b be taking back to Mr Honda as say you'd best finish the job you'd paid for and add a TWAT at the end of it.
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

Yeah! Get it back to Honda mate. Give them a dam good dressing down with a twat thrown in at the end.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
These days it's all work shy cunts and we know better 'cos we're trained mechanics.... indeed... spanner monkeys, not engineers....

You can see it.... Oh, it's quiet.... it'll do until the 2.5k.... as he'll not do the miles... Want a brew, mate?..... take it easy.... if it goes back to him too soon, he'll know we've only dropped the oil an stamped the book....

Now.... the dealer is miles away.... and I really can't be arsed....

Just another dealership to be aware of... Dodgy

Monkey, or MSX.... is running back as he was ages ago.

The power loss when you only make 9hp is quite noticeable! It was evident it was it was fine when cold but power tailed off as it got hot.

Read a note in Honda Manual, change Spark Plug for colder one if using bike at continuous high speed.... spark plug number is supplied by them.

Might be something you proper Monkey pilots could look into.


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