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After his crash and re-break at the TT, we know he'll be back and fighting for it, but it sounds like he's got a long way to go again. This is from his twitter feed today:

Not the week I was expecting, had ankle removed on Monday and re construction then high dependency unit for 3 days with blood clots on lungs
I am Spartacus 
Sounds serious.... but taking the ankle will probably be better....

[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell

That does sound Grim. He's a very tuff lad is Hutchy, but your body only take so much. Hope he pulls through quickly. Talking of tuff lads, Jamie Whitam - seen photos of him on one of his track days with Dean Harrison. Unfeckinbelieveable! He's got a bald head and lost some weight as he's just finished his kemo last week. What an inspiration. These lads are made of completey   Different gravy.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Yeah, I can't believe there's any strong bone left in Hutchie's leg to join a replacement ankle too!

Whitham is definitely a fighter too - I've been following Drinkies blog as well, it breaks your heart but he is definitely pushing back.
I am Spartacus