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So thoughts on this dilemma
Well here is a thing, Kieran was at the shops the other day parked up he gets in his car looks round and all clear then begins to reverse, a car then pulls up next to him just as he is moving and he catches the other car, with the best will in the world even though the other car could see him moving but rushed for a parking spot its probably our Kieran who is going to found at fault.

so they exchange details the damage to the Kierans car is nothing just the smallest of scuffs TCut job, the other car new A4 has a small dent in the rear side fairly minor. Kieran askes if he can sort it local garage keep it off Insurance the bloke says no wants main dealer and replacement car.

so he calls insurance to report it and guess what ................................. the car hasn't had insurance for 3 months ? he rings the guy to say can I have your insurance details for the report, the bloke says right let me get back to you that was 3 days ago its all gone quite. I think he has forgotten to insure his car its a new A4 and he didn't look like your average chancer.

so the dilemma is this he is basically fecked driving a car with no insurance leaves him with little or no where to go he is going to have to accept one of the following: 

  1. Kieran to pay for a main dealer repair and hire car
  2. accept a local garage repair and cheap hire car
  3. accept a local garage repair and no hire car
  4. do a deal on 50/50 local garage repair
  5. accept a good will offer of say £200 (Kieran recons it would be £600 ish repair at a local garage)
  6. go and feck himself
just wondering what the Mancrider collective thought, Kieran is thinking for the sake of all involved give him a couple of hundred towards getting it fixed and walk away, he could try and do a private recovery which is going to be tricky given he is driving with no insurance.
Finishing dead last is better than did not finish, both are a million miles better than didn't start

It's tempting to go for number 6. The bloke shouldn't have been driving so should really take himself away.

Though he has Kieran's details so if he does turn out to be a twat then maybe it could come back on him so maybe 5 is an option.

If the bloke's gone quiet then I'd leave it quiet and let him disappear.
Smell my cheese 
He's done all he needs to Chris.... reported to his insurer.

If the other party wants to claim of Kieran's insurance, he can but not via Kieran.

The other party can claim despite not being insured...

It may be this electronic database may show not insured, or possibly, the other has defaulted on payment.

Let the other party feck himself and let the insurers scrap it out

Definately do not pay or hire a car....
Will.I.Am Weasel fixed it for me Dodgy
Got his address?
Send the boys round!

Let the insurance company sort it - I'd call police as well about the no insurance.

Grass the fucker up - pissing Audi drivers.
In Madness You Dwell
[Image: ThinkBike_zps5406c380.jpg]
No 6 sounds like the fairest of options  Big Grin  considering Kieran tried to do the decent thing from onset, a little bit of his own medicine might sober the tosser up. 

What would his attitude be if Kieran wasn't insured ?? Probably all over him like a rash.....

Refer any communication straight to insurance company and let them sort it out. Even if you were to pay out privately now and repair his car, Kierans insurers already know and by now it would have been recorded on the insurance database meaning he will still have to declare the accident for the next 3-5 years. 

Not forgetting this guy could also try for a bogus personal injury claim.....

Just my humble opinion matey
No 6!
I have control - standby standby
Tell him to fuck off and report him for driving with no insurance.
still nothing and I sent him a text today asking again for insurance info
Finishing dead last is better than did not finish, both are a million miles better than didn't start


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