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La shit hole information.
Just in case you are traveling in these areas. Naughty French, nasty French!
Hi Kevin, New laws come into force from the 1st July 2017 for vehicles travelling through Paris, Lyon or Grenoble. If you're planning to drive through or to these cities, read on to make sure you don't get caught out. The 'CritAir' scheme requires cars built after 1996 to display a Vignette (window sticker) which is colour coded to reflect the exhaust emission levels it produces. The vignette costs €4.80 and the cost of getting caught without one in the zones could be €68 for a car. You should buy yours from the French Environmental Ministry's website. There are 3rd party companies out there selling at inflated prices, avoid these. Don't delay though, the application process will involve you uploading a copy of your vehicle registration document and can take a further 30 days for you to receive it by post.
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Another good reason not to go there.
Haven't they banned Diesels from Paris and certain French cities?
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