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Validating mileage
Is there a way without looking through any service history to validate a vehicles mileage accurately?

On the online MOT checker it says:
MOT Test 2012: Mileage (First ever MOT) 61,206 miles
MOT Test 2013: Mileage 30,809

I have seen it before where they've typoed the mileage.. maybe it should be 16,000 or something funny is going on... Mileage from 2013 works out normal per year.
Another way is if the vehicle has remained in manufacturer service and warranty network. When accessed via CAN the vehicle uploads to their mainframe .... anything else as you say can't be validated.

check the service history book if it has one see if it matches up
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Happens all the time at mot time, wrong mileage gets put in by the tester, not a lot you can do, might be on the ECU, or if a service was done at the same time it could be on the receipt, ask the previous owner if possible, very doubtful it's been clocked, difficult on new vehicles but there is a man that can.... for a price Cool
There's always a man that can - for a price!
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