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MOT time
Tried to get the old girl in for her MOT... remember when you could just pull up and you'd get a test there and then?

Not anymore.... 3 weeks notice needed, apparently, they are soooo busy this time of the year...

Yep, it's a book in two weeks notice - minimum these days.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Or roll up at Clifton street motors in Eccles, offer to pay cash, go for a brekkie round the corner we then go back see the bikes hardly moved into the MoT bay pay your cash and leave with a shiny new certificate
My real name is Dave 
Mr Pigs an option
Hope not Hate 
Mr Pigs is never and option if you want to leave with your sanity intacked
My real name is Dave 
I don't think VOSA allow 70 miles as a resonable distance to your nearest test station.

As for Mr Pig.... I stopped having patronizing lectures after leaving school.

Alldis Street Garage Great moor, do all my classics, they love the older bikes, so make exceptions turn up and get it done, or sometimes  day or two. £25

Pans going next, if it's back together Confused
I think in most garages these days, you have book in - in advance. Cash is not king anymore.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
She made it there..... so she passed.

The ungrateful little witch dumped a pile of coolant on my boot on the return home.

In her defence, it's the GPz way of self bleeding as I hadn't  Rolleyes

Forgotten to update as it was weeks ago.


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