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Cannonball rally run - summer 2019
(17-04-2017, 07:13 PM)lbk Wrote:
(16-04-2017, 09:56 PM)lbk Wrote: NRight boys! We have a date for this cannonball run or rally, whatever you wanna call it. Thinking of doing the UK to Benidorm or something like that - to be discussed once we have numbers. We'd love to do it as a type of top gear challenge type of thing. Two or three per vehicle. By a car for as little money as possible, do the cannonball run and flog back on in Blighty if it survives. I really fancy a black cab, others could do a Hearse or ice cream van. The quirkier the better IMHO. Anyways that's the general plan, And it gives us plenty of time to buy, plan and orginise We have a definite rough date and plan. We need definite numbers. Please - no maybes. As this will take some planning.
So names please who are definitely in. This will be mega boys. You don't wanna miss this one.

Drivers starting grid.
Shaun (Trooper)
Doc in support Vehicle
Nice one Shaun. Be a good crack this.
I have control - standby standby
Why are you in a support vehicle Doc?
I am Spartacus 
I'm down to autobox now...

Plus seats and seating my back is sensitive to any change as I'm finding out with this Transporter..... piss poor seats.
Pull em out and put a Lazyboy in  Laugh
I am Spartacus 
i know its early days lad's , but whats the duration of this trip , and have we got a rough date in mind just trying to get my shit in order.. Wink
" i'll get my coat... "
Not yet Shaun. We will open discussions up soon and then decide, which rally we are doing. The that will give us dates etc pal.
I have control - standby standby
So any ideas on which rally we fancy then?
I have control - standby standby
(29-08-2017, 09:07 PM)lbk Wrote: So any ideas on which rally we fancy then?

Can't really pick one as no 2019 details are out there, there's no rush Kev.
I am Spartacus 
Fair point!
I have control - standby standby
Wink Laugh

From looking around they are all pretty much the same format, the length seems to vary from 3-5 days, though that doesn't take into account coming home. Destinations vary with the organisers and some even change from year to year, which is why we'd really need to wait for the 2019 runs to be listed, though the Monte Carlo ones seem fairly static. 

Don't worry Kev, there's plenty of planning meetings ahead, over tea and cake and everything
I am Spartacus 
Yep, your reet. I have been having a good mooch and it seems the Monti Carlo shit or bust one seems to fit the bill in terms of time destination etc. Like you say. We'll wait until the lists come out for 2019 Cool
I have control - standby standby
I’ve had a proper mooch and quite a bit of research. Monti Carlo or bust is definitely the one that fits the bill for what we want.
I have control - standby standby
I have done Scumrun a couple of times. Normally early May. actual run is 5 days. but we headed down day before and the came home late on last night.  got in about 6am.  so really seven days. 
its a proper blast but also a real challenge as well.
Scumrun is a mystery tour with max car value of £500. each morning you get an envelope with the end destination and daily challenges and off you go.

did it in a 320 c class limo merc this year. bought for £400 and needed tons of welding underneath.
Never heard of a scrumrun mate. I think we’re just going to opt for the Monti/ or bust rally. We’re kinda of new to this type of thing so we’ll need something a bit gentle to break us in gently - me thinks. That scrumrun sounds a bit hardcore. Would mind some pointers/ advice if you e got any.
I have control - standby standby
will give all advice i can. what ya wanna know.

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