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Trump's Tomahawks.
It's one fucked up world we live in. I blame each and everyone of us. We keep voting them in and start crying when they fuck us over. Shame us.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
(16-04-2018, 12:55 PM)Dilbert Wrote: May reckons she intervened for humanitarian reasons, to stop more children being killed, funny that the kids in Yemen aren't worthy of such consideration and dropping nuclear warheads on a civilian area is hardly going to promote future health and wellbeing (as in Iraq) and also strange that she's so concerned about Syrian children that she won't let any of them in as refugees, or give our own school dinners.

Humanitarian reasons assumes she gives a fuck, clearly untrue, now how can we cover up the fact that there aren't any chemical weapons in Assad's bottom drawer (before the inspectors get there), because the UK only sells them to "rebels", it's not Star Wars and she's not Princess Leah Rolleyes

yet again spot on Dilbert we pick and choose which bits of the world we get involved in the Saudis are bombing the feck out of Yemen yet we sell them the bombs so lets do feck all, its all BS we need to stop getting involved that part of the world is a complex mix of brutal feudal dictators we cant overlay our values on them leave them alone to get on with it.
 15.July.2018 14hrs 55mins 03seconds 

Trump seems to be fighting fire with fire on the North Korean front.

Got to admit, I was more than a little sceptical when Un agreed to a summit, he’s played the world for fools as a belligerent teenager, something that has worked for him previously. Now Donald seems to be playing him at his own game...something the West has never done well.

Un is a smart cookie.... he knows the only thing he’s got in abundance is foot soldiers and a lack of social media in his country.... He knows Trump has him by the’s just amazing in this day and age two dicks are acting like children...

I reckon Trump could take him if they were thrown into a ring....

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