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9th July Manchester to Blackpool bike ride
well that was a tidy day out 200k on the bike, well attended and a big crowd on route and at the finish weather was good got a bit warm on way back just as I hit the hills
Ironman Bolton July 15th 2018
Courage to start
Strength to endure  
Resolve to finish

Splendid effort that Chris. Sorry I couldn't be there for a bit of moral, but I had a date with a Hovercraft and see biggie. Well done mate. Proud of you r kid.
I have control - standby standby
Fecking hell 200km's .... your some kinda crazy peddling machine!!! Brilliant effort Chris ... I doth my cap to you sir !!!!
My real name is Dave 
Yep.... I bow to you. Well done. Been there, done it.
You are indeed a machine fella
Bite my shiny metal ass
If I was wearing a cap I'd doth it.
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell


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