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Boundary 500 Coast to Coast 2017 - Sat 1st July
[Image: m_P1460888.jpg]

[Image: m_P1460948.jpg]

[Image: m_P1470043.jpg]

[Image: m_P1470086.jpg]

[Image: m_P1470109.jpg]
Bite my shiny metal ass
[Image: m_P1470143.jpg]

[Image: m_P1470189.jpg]

[Image: m_P1470245.jpg]
Bite my shiny metal ass
Dodgy looking set of characters if you ask me.
Nice write up and some great shots. Top day out Cool
I have control - standby standby
I really did miss all the monkey business. As with the Squires Egg run, the pictures only tell half the story, not the fun, banter, trials and tribulations (Shenanigans) that actually take place.

Anyone who thinks it may be fun... it genuinely is.
Top work boys.... hope you have not arrosued the suspicions of operation Yewtree
My real name is Dave 
Not the best video, but we are in there somewhere:

Bite my shiny metal ass
Well I thought me and you looked fuckin awesome Ledwankio Cool
I have control - standby standby
very good tidy photos and a nice write up 

just on a separate note photo 5 caught my eye, Kev is going round a corner fixated on a road sign and then again on a poll first photo next post   Laugh

thought it was a 125 day out a few bigger bikes sneaked in by looks of it
Ironman Bolton July 15th 2018
Courage to start
Strength to endure  
Resolve to finish

Laugh Laugh
The big bikes were out riders helping out.
I have control - standby standby

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