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Iron Butt European Tour
[Image: European%20tour%20logo%202016_zpsxlerkx44.jpg]

In a weeks time I'll be heading off to Das Germany for the start of this rally. 

I've no idea where I'll end up, other than starting and (hopefully) finishing in Stuttgart. If you're bored and want to see where I am you should be able to see here:\?id...da65d3e06f

Wish me luck  Cool
I am Spartacus 
Take it easy!

I'm sure my German cousins will give you a warm Teutonic welcome.... They just love Brits at the moment.

Good luck Ledwankio. Steady away pal. I'll keep an eye on you from the eye in the sky.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Good luck Lee, ride safe mate.
I am Weasel. Hmm, toasty warm hands................. I love my smashing heated grips O'shagnasty.
[Image: 84UXVnH0.jpg]
And on the right side of the road....

Have a good one and keep it shiney side up
My real name is Dave 
Got some more viewing options for you fellas:

This should show multiple trackers at the same time, so you can see where I am in relation to the competition:

And the same principal here, though they are separated:

Most are only set to start on Sunday morning so it might show No Messages error until then.

I am Spartacus 
Good luck - shinny side up pal.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I'll log on.... Hope it's better than last years tracker which had you stationary all the time!

I've figured out why it was slow to get tracking in Ireland (I assume that your classing May as last year) and it should be better this time, I hope.

Unless you're referring to all the time we had to wait for Kev to do his hair before we could go out riding...  Laugh

Cheers y'all
I am Spartacus 
Laugh Laugh Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
No! I thought you tried your tracker on the last IBR last year... Yeah May was a blur to me as you can imagine. 

I thought the reason the tracker failed in Ireland was due to the fact they have only just got electricity....

steady away Lee & enjoy
Hope not Hate 
Anyone tracking our Euro Trekker?

He's doing well ... Lichtenstein just now.

Keep it up Lee.... The pace you smutty git.

Yeah - been keeping tabs on our Charlie Boorman. Poor sod doesn't know where to go though. He's trying to dodge the rain TBF. Keep up and at em my son.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Try Nevada for no rain...! 

That'll give him some ideas...

He's still 'truckin...

The boys doing good. He's in Slovakia today. Can't fault him. Get in Ledwankio?
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Checked (sic) him this morning... Brno.


Just when he looks like he's heading back towards Blighty.... 

Yorkshireman are devoid of a sense of direction.... Hence they think Yokshure is 't centir ov' 't whurld.


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