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Blue tooth for your battery
Just come across this. Connect to your battery, download the app it constantly checks the vltg of your battery via Bluetooth. Great bit of kit for older bikes.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
I'm liking that!

I've used Brooksbarn before, very good people.

I fitted one of these as a visual indicator of the battery and reg/rec:

I think it works... So far
I am Spartacus 
Well.... I fitted one of these...

I left the GPz 5 months.... And to try the theory of these batteries, didn't put it on charge.... As it's got a voltmeter, tried it, nearly 13 volts....

It turned the engine over very fast, and after 5 presses.... It sprang into life!

These are nearly double the cost of a quality battery.....but by Christ, these things can crank over an engine....

I used it on a vibrator and I'm still suffering from tinnitus ...... No not tinnitus ..... Tiny tit ogling syndrome....... I knew it was a syndrome.....
I must only look at large tits....I must only look at large tits.....I must only look at large tits
Just Out-Running The Reaper......and I mean Just
What a stupid old perv Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.

Just when the fine weather comes.....

Kit on, key in..... click click click..... Nothing! Except one fecked battery.

Why do the little buggers go through several winters, then when it's lovely and warm, throw a tantrum and refuse to work. Bastards! Laugh

Mine lives the life of Riley.... Tucked up in a nice garage.... Hooked up to an Optimate... But after 7 years, that's not bad.... It's now replaced by a MotoBatt glass/gel thing. On the box you see... No Initial to bike. Hmmmm! Fitted it...and I can thoroughly recommend them. First press of the button the engine sprung into life.

Three good things about these batteries...
They have 4 terminals...
20% higher cranking torque
Will hold a charge 12 months...

Battery Porn eh, whatever floats your boat Doc  Confused
I am Spartacus 

Love a good charge me.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Good to be positive...

Doesn't the widget thing you fit to tell you if the battery is charged, drain the battery, then you get angry because the battery keeps going flat, then you throw the battery away, even though It's innocent, and buy a new battery, then a widget to see if It's charged, then.........
Is that a conundrum or a paradox?

The battery is supposed not to go no widget, gadget or doodah to flatten it.... So the theory goes... Rolleyes

I do believe a trickle charger ruins your battery. If it's low, either charge for 10 hrs or take it for a good run. It'll be fine. It's called LBKS KISS engineering solutions. Works for me. Not arrf, Battastic bike pickers.  Cool
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
At least batteries are lasting longer these days....

You young pups wouldn't know.... The first bikes I had with electric start.... Yes! Quite a new thing, back in the day.... 12 months and the battery would be knackered.

The worst were the small Rubik Cube sized 6v batteries put on 50 to 125s... With an inline fuse.. The bike hadn't enough generation to charge it, the demand was so high the alternator couldn't supply the lights.... Oh the joys of stopping at traffic lights and your lights are bearly lit and flickering..... Not to mention indicators then not even glowing.

Anyone remember GS batteries? Completely clear case.... They were good, but an affordable one would be a Lucas or Exide....and then the real cheap things...

And before all you lot start.... It wasn't a lifetime ago... You've just forgotten what it was like, back in the day Angel

I'm to young to remember that far back. Just saying before you all start getting fluffy and precious.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
**Cough, cough** 

Sorry? You're What?, exactly....

(26-10-2015, 09:35 PM)DrMarten Wrote: Well.... I fitted one of these...

I fitted a Motobatt to the Deauville after the one fitted couldn't crank the engine in the winter. Like you say massive CCAs on them. And sealed..
Are you working on the Cagiva then Kevlar? Or just hooking it up to life support Laugh

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