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Half decent Bike vs Cars courtesty of (Ozzy) Top Gear

Not sure how contrived it was; looked a lot better than the UK one's previous efforts.

It's a road legal bike with slicks vs a race V8, albeit a vauxhall and a full spec F1 car.

Not sure why the bike did so much better at the start?

Stoner's foot came off on that late corner, but looked like he then held back a little when the F1 car came past - also it looked like with his pretty tight line, he could have got on the power early and at least matched the big car in acceleration.
Actually, on re-watching, the bike caught up to the big car easily and I don't see any reason the F1 car shouldn't have been starting to be able to get some serious acceleration as it got into it's sweet spot for grip near the finish line.

Did look they were properly trying to stop the other's get past otherwise, however.
thought the bike would of done a bit better than it did.
yeah kev i think stoner was taking it easy myself it was is personal bike and did not want to abuse it..!!!!
Yeah. Stoner did'nt seem to give it much licks did he.

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