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The "What did you Learn Today" Thread.
Might try some can you use it in drinks

The oldest know British person cheddar man has been traced back by his DNA and they now know what our earliest relatives look like, they were European hunter gatherers moving west who could walk to Great Britain before the channel filled with water ten thousand years ago 

Make sure you are sat down when you open this
When the going gets tough you get tougher 
You’ve got it all wrong!

That was due to Global Warming.... then the Earth cooled....the cycle has been going on for millennia!!

The block of flats used for filming Only Fools and Horses in the 1980’s is due to be demolished.

Local council has suggested that a full size gold statue of Del Boy be commissioned and erected there....

Have these snowflake, liberal/lefties got a grip or a sense of humour??

Those local residents my have a differing opinion after opening the letter containing the latest increase in council tax...


A reliant robin on a plinth would be a cheap alternative
When the going gets tough you get tougher 
See! The brain power and artistic flair we have on here is limitless.....

But no doubt the BBC would want royalties from that to offset the £27m overspend on the EastEnders set!

No wonder the BBC was in profit when Only Fools was filmed.... use a block of flats for external views.... and some 2”x2” and sheer hardboard for the interior....

Personally - I’d have Triggers broom on a plinth. Simples.
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
It's cheaper to build actual houses than the ones they film in how does that work Laugh

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