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Internet explorer
[quote name='Panman Chips' timestamp='1312349655' post='15941']

Firefox as a back up when IE 9 crashes


What's the point you mad old bugger?

You are more stable on a zimmer than that ....
[quote name='Lefty' timestamp='1312323838' post='15921']
spectrum . Internet explorer for me , the tool of choice for the diserning idiot. just hammer that into my babbage mark 2 Laugh
If you can get an old spectrum onto the inter web, you'd be a genius. Laugh
[quote name='Sam the Eagle' timestamp='1312324662' post='15925']
Evening and Weekend, that's free, and light broadband, 2 gb limit, is also free, .
we're using O2, they are supposed to be faster than the other's but they are probably not. To be fair we don't live far fro th exchange so that helps. We have unlimited download, I've been known to shift 2 gb in less than a hour. And depending on where I am in the house, my IPad and my phone often jump onto next doors open wireless network, which is helpful. As next-door is usin a belkin router, I could log into it and set up the security on it for her, but it would mean all her devices would be locked out of it. Laugh
[Image: 00dacb3485a3d1e34f181450b21b252d.jpg]
[Image: 0s4xliEM.jpeg]

In Madness You Dwell


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