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It's Father's Day......
Hello fellow apes,

Wishing all you Dad's out there a well deserved day of pampering, by the offspring(s)!

We deserve to be given the time, thought and respect that seems the norm on Mother's Day Laugh

Hopefully, you'll end up with what you deserve......

Me? I'm off to be fed and watered in some bistro in Chester .... Then back to reality with a bang.

So, Dad's of the Forum...... Enjoy your day off.
Well said Martin, I do hope the fruit of my over active loins DONT forget to get their old Dad something Big Grin

Fathers Day in North Manc can sometimes be a day of confusion :unsure:
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A Goal without a Plan is just a wish 
yep happy fathers day one and all for tomoz Wink
[quote name='Sam The Eagle' timestamp='1339794988' post='37749']

We deserve to be given the time, thought and respect that seems the norm on Mother's Day Laugh


oh how i laughed. i can't recall ever seeing a mother on mothering sunday with her hand down the toilet U-bend clearing a blockage.Laugh
Wow things are looking up.A card and a present appeared off my daughter this morning.Ive got a feeling i'm going to get hit for something and that normally involves sterling Laugh My son lives in Australia so we was on the blower for an hour or so and at the end he said his internet connection had gone down in his flat for last three weeks so he couldn't moon pig me a card.I dont think he knows what the post office is or more likely he's not realised its fathers day and not had time or he's to busy partying knowing him Laugh
To the Regiment! I wish I was there.
Thanks to my wife, my Dad actually got a farthers day card this year. We have just taken him out for a meal. It has been cloudy out here today, it was only been 30c.
My old fella never believed in fathers day but been the 1st one without him around I found it a bit odd....... did get a card of the cat!
My real name is Dave 

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