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Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 08-02-2019

The funniest thing I’ve seen in the press is a picture of a horse with face mask. It looks more like a thong than a medical mask...

Makes you think, all horse racing stopped for a week...

If we phoned in work and said I’ll be off for a week to stop the risk of spreading a few germs...the boss’ response would be....

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 08-02-2019

You lot seem to need some help....

Gee Up.... just spurring you on.

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - Buffalo - 08-02-2019

That horse didn’t look happy having a pipe stuck up it’s nose

I might have caught it I am feeling a little horse

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - Badboybez - 09-02-2019

I blame Brexit

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 09-02-2019

That’s a blinkered approach, the Gallop Poll suggests May is saddled with doubt.

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - Buffalo - 09-02-2019

I think you will find it’s Unicorn flu that’s due to Brexit actually

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 09-02-2019

You can trot on with that lack of continuity, but...a unicorn parallel to horse is worthy of a photo finish!

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - Dilbert - 11-02-2019

My wife's yard is on shut down, others are only letting horses on with proof of vaccination, even the Cheshire Hunts have been cancelled !

Titter ye not, last time we had a human, or bird flu epidemic there were pots of handwash everywhere you went and strict instruction on telly about only sneezing into disposable tissue.

Not as bad as foot and mouth in cattle, but think along the same lines and you won't go far wrong Undecided

Next time you go touching up a falabella, make sure you wash your hands Tongue

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - Buffalo - 11-02-2019

Having just done a google search at work I am relived to discover that it’s a horse some of our fellow mancriders could ride and still touch the ground..... 

I am surprised the Cheshire Hunt haven’t improved and used the opportunity to get the poor to carry them round in bath chairs

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 11-02-2019

A little horse, that may be hoarse??

That’s Kevin and Lefty jockeying for getting back in the saddle then.

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - MarkW7 - 14-02-2019

Does anybody like horses anyway Laugh

RE: Horse ‘flu....? - DrMarten - 14-02-2019

And there’s the nagging doubt....