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The Brexit Thread. - lbk - 22-10-2018

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RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 22-10-2018

Laugh Laugh

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Buffalo - 23-10-2018

Reality is going to hurt, it’s probably going to hurt the folk how voted for it most

RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 27-10-2018

Been watching this with less and less interest!

But what caught my eye was the headline one one of the more reputable broadies, “3 weeks to go”

From the outset, we knew that the EU couldn’t give much in the way of wiggle room, the way Italy is going, they may get a deal for their budget off the back of our own negotiation.

Joking apart and my obvious Brexit wish.... I been talking to a few friends back in Germany. It is not surprising that they are only being fed pro EU news and Brexit is seen as a nothing... the majority of Germans are not bothered if we stay or go, until they find out they are going to foot the majority of our contribution.

In the majority of cases.... it’s a socialistic view, they say... just look how rich the UK is! And this is a surprise to me.... The German view is to spread the wealth.... Really?! 
They are a socialistic state.... but what they fail to see is it’s a capitalistic state! Just like the UK, where the rich get richer .... and the poor simply get shafted. So in reality, we are quite similar right??

Well I’d have to say, wrong! If you’ve ever lived in Germany, there’s a distinct class culture, not as many as ours thank feck! There it is based on those who tell others what to do and those who do what they are told...
Here in Blighty.... we have the ability to think and do... dare I say a form of democracy?? We can question decisions and actions... try that in Germany!

Getting back on track, the reason why the majority of the EU cannot understand why a) we would ever comprehend Brexit, b) actually vote for it, c) appear to be in a state of flux trying to negotiate a way out of it... is simply beyond their comprehension.

When you think of it, the UK has often been viewed with envious eyes with regards to being a democratic state, albeit one that doesn’t make rapid progress sometimes.... but this may be why we are coming out of the EU. It’s not a democracy, I think we all know that in reality, it’s a dictat. People in charge haven’t been elected, it’s their own view as to what people of the EU want... and that’s could be what wasn’t the core reason why the majority in the UK voted out?

I can see huge benefits of remaining in, but the way in which we have been treated by the EU in previous years with the tri pact of Germany, France and it any wonder. By being an island, we’ve been treated as second class, we’ve taken on all the EU laws, paid in way more than most and held in the highest of regard by them as only second class....

The one interesting things we talked about, was that the EU may learn from our departure... it was then my friends realised that we live in a true democracy.... as they said that they knew they would never be given such an option, as they believe, that if they did...the majority would vote to make significant changes to the EU, the most bitter part of the chat? Ditch the Euro, ditch the bank of Europe and re instate....the DeutschMark....

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 27-10-2018

Wise words Dr M...

Brexit is always going to be the watered down pup of the full cream version we were sold because the voices can no longer be heard any more... Those that were at the forefront have all gone quiet. Were they simply muffled or shuffled or both ?? 

Farage had some of the right ideas but not all...

BoJo had the steam and momentum but was stabbed in the back... people also called him dangerous, to whom ?? Only to those afraid of change me thinks.

These 2 together could of created formidable force but alas it's too late in the day.... 

We are unfortunately at the mercy of the New Kings and never truly going to be free of the EU.... To be honest I wouldn't put a 2nd referendum off the table just yet. That political voice is gaining more ground every week and the press are not holding back or supporting the democratic results... 

I think we've lost the chance to show the EU the might and power of this little Island that twice saved the rest of Europe in war as the weak-kneed, back-stabbing politicians scurry about in the troughs...

Inevitably, this legislative shuffled excercise will carry about as much clout as a feather paperweight and we'll all just have to make do with another Elephant in the room.......

Just my little opinion

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Buffalo - 29-10-2018

After 40 years inside an organisation that’s completely changed our economic social government and judicial system you can’t expect to just unpick something like this it’s going to take 10 or 15 years.

The people who wanted Brexit should have taken on the task of delivering it, not that they would have succeeded far from it but the blame for the mess would have been dropped at their door they will now finger point and blame others.

I am not a card carrying EU flag waver by any means and a lot of the unelected smokey room deals are made with out mandate, BUT dose anyone actually believe the average Joe in the street will suddenly be influential in a U.K. where London will become the new Brussels, the likes of Mogg Johnson and farage could give 2 fecks about the working man and woman they want a U.K. where the rich can control the poor without human rights a mandate to do as they please, they distract the weak minded with stories of brown people and foreigners turn the working class against themselves use the same propoganda as Germany in the 30’s to whip up sentiment against other people, in the background they plan to wind back the clock

Be under no illusion immigration will continue the likes of farage and mogg want cheap labour they won’t stop people coming if that’s why you voted 

All we have done is give the ruling class the Bullingdon club a free pass, Britannia won’t rule the waves again out time came and went just like so many others, we will be the cheap labour unregulated tax haven for the rich and feck the poor

Austerity was the outcome of massive greed by the financial institutions banks and investment companies the home to those that control Brexit, who is paying the price now for 2007 not the bankers it’s the working class in food banks and living on the street ex service men living rough because the likes of Johnson Farsge & Mogg filled their pockets, post Brexit will be the same rich get richer they will blame other groups in society create a distraction and feck us over

RE: The Brexit Thread. - anthony1664 - 29-10-2018

Sadly all so true

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 30-10-2018

Can we ever trust a politician ?? Nope.... Only in it for themselves !

RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 30-10-2018

If we could wind the clock back to the Brexit vote, and when David Cameron placed the question... Do we stay or leave?

It looks as though we will end up in that position. I don’t think anyone could foresee the linchpin being Ireland....

But mark my thoughts here.... Merkel pushed out, the Italians with a far right new government, its squaring up for a real mess.
The Euro is set to fail soon.... and the sooner we are out..... the less likely the EU will turn to us...
Then and only then will the EU be seen for what it is.

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 30-10-2018

Easy prey for the Russian conglomerates to move in..... Again  Big Grin

Oops....did I say that out aloud  Confused

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Dilbert - 30-10-2018

Interesting Doc, the French are far more economically and politically socialist, well apart from the ghastly Marine la Pen, Macron is centre right, but wants to be in with the "May/ Trump in-crowd", whenever the subject comes up with the French company guys I visit (out there again this weekend) they just give the Gallic shrug and say "but why".

For me therein lies the rub, all the pro-Brexiteers have run into hiding shouting "we didn't really mean it", apart from Mogg (less said the better) and Farage (irrelevant now Trump's kicked him out), May's desperation to deregulate, slash and burn is becoming more and more obscene and obvious, but the impact will only be on the proletariat so why would they care.

Brexit pin the tail on the donkey is getting dafter with every day, people will only tell you what they didn't vote for, not what they still believe will benefit them.

RE: The Brexit Thread. - lbk - 30-10-2018

Th EU will crumble over the next decade. The quicker we are out of it, the better. Yes! There’s initial ramifications for us and yes, there’s tuff times ahead of us. Once the union starts to fracture. We will have got our act together and start to circle with the rest of the vultures and take all the best bits. 

Articulate speak and clever analysis. Carefully thought out - if, buts And maybes, means absolutely fuck all. It comes down to business and the green stuff at the end of the day. Trust me! The one thing the Uk are world leaders at, is business. We are going to be fine - trust me!

They just need to adopt LBK’S KISS approach. Strong Dave has and his life is so much better for it. Ain’t that right strong one!

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 30-10-2018

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  Dr Marten for PM !!  Rolleyes

RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 30-10-2018

Realistically.... did we think we would get a deal?

The EU demanded to be compensated...well... I can see they were to budget with the UK being part of it... but why didn’t they have a plan B?? The plan that says.... if the UK leaves, what will we do for the shortfall....
Of course.... they will have a plan B.... but why not declare it?

Like us.... all very British! Try and be fair with Johnny Foreigner! Give them choices... negotiate... What do we get? Fuck all. So we try again.... and again, our noses rubbed in the shit... Finally, a warning shot... Deal or No Deal... and still they want their way!
The one thing I’m seeing now, is that Theresa May is playing the Honest Broker.... offering all, knowing the spiteful twats will still say no.
Hopefully she will show the world just what a bunch of cunts the higher echelons of the EU are... because... if the EU gives into the UK, the EU will fold like a deck of cards.

I wish the EU no ill, but I feel their arrogance will be their undoing...

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 30-10-2018

The unwillingness of the EU to compromise fairly will as you put it 'Be their undoing'... 

The whole world will see and possibly judge them on their behaviour and damage limitation will inevitably be their only course of action to temporarily plug the gap as more countries watch how the UK progress.

RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 30-10-2018

The question remains....

Why did the Spanish capitulate over Gibraltar ?? This was a huge issue for them and not as much as a hint of tumbleweed....

But why the fuss over the Irish border....

The EU could be responsible for reigniting the sectarian troubles by forcing the two Ireland’s together.

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Panman Chips - 30-10-2018

Spain have compromised with the UK over Gibraltar and are looking to secure a Bilateral deal between the 2 govenments....

I'd say the EU are using the border as a pawn in a very large game of chess with 28 kings and queens...

RE: The Brexit Thread. - DrMarten - 30-10-2018


RE: The Brexit Thread. - Buffalo - 31-10-2018

I understand the sentiment chaps and it’s good to be patriotic bit like one of those mums who has a row with school when they shout at her naughty child and she can see no wrong in them

Anyway back in the real world, this analogy might help, 

You bought a bike on 5 years finance but after 2 you want to give it back, the dealership says no but they can do a deal but you will still need to pay you signed a contract, you say hang on I want to give the bike back pay nothing keep the top box and pop back at weekends to ride it, they say no YOU don’t want it anymore you owe us money you can’t call round to use it, and if you want another bike it will be on higher terms.

You say but a couple of posh blokes said it would all be fine hand it back walk away they won’t won’t any money and will let you use it at weekends, the dealer says you have been mugged off, they then escort you out the place take you to court repo your car to pay for the outstanding debt 

Seriously I will say this slowly, we the U.K. have left the club we wanted to go why would the other 27 make it easy why ??? They are the strongest trading bloke in the world we just picked a fight we are going to loose the rest of the world doesn’t give a feck about us they will see us weak and feck us over how has this happened the only people to blame are those that voted leave, well to be fare the Farage Johnson and likes who sold some bull shit story’s people swallowed.

The world won’t end with Brexit we will keep on going but the long term will be to make us weaker as a nation and your average Joe poorer 

For me Ireland should be one country and if anything good comes from this mess it’s going to bring that day closer, I can see Gibraltar becoming a separate state it voted 90% to stay they may well move back inside the EU.

You can’t have an open boarder between to separate trading blocks that’s the very essence of the EU open trade, just incase people missed it the first time WE are the ones leaving. 

The EU will have its ups and downs but knowone else is leaving the EU won’t collapse it will become stronger as it picks up our financial sector our jobs charges us a premium to trade and collects £40billon divorce settlement, if you think leaving will stop brown people arriving it won’t they will be coming in there droves to work unregulated doing your jobs for half the money to stick a few quid extra in the likes of Johnson Mogg and Farages pockets 

So It’s us that’s leaving just for clarity that’s why we are being fecked over

RE: The Brexit Thread. - Dilbert - 31-10-2018

The idea that the EU is about to fall apart because we've left is frankly laughable, but unfortunately all too common.

And I can't trade my bike in for another six months yet, without paying a divorce bill Rolleyes