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Scooters London - Buffalo - 23-05-2018

Working in London over in Canary Wharf this afternoon, on way back to hotel staying on edge of Tower Hamlets it’s a bit rough, walking along and 3 scooters 2 up swam a car, pulling open doors grabbing bags, the car took off knocked one off the other 2 scoots shot after the car, let me tell you this much they are scum but feck scum that can ride they almost had knee down on corners, kids on floor jumped back on scoot and limped off, the odd thing was it was almost business as usual everyone just got on with life

I can see why police don’t chase them probably wouldn’t catch them

RE: Scooters London - Ledwardio - 23-05-2018

Fuck, it’s a bit wild down there isn’t it. I know it’s been getting press, I guess that explains why.

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 23-05-2018

I’m not sure pursuing is the answer. For this to end it needs intelligence lead policing, for that the police need more boots on the ground, and the ability to use the law rather than be too cautious of litigation brought on by these gutter snipe legal types.

My first thing if I were Mr Javid.... turn the best PCSO’s into Police Officers, fuck the rest of them off, then actively recruit more police to the level we had 20 years ago.

London has become a very iffy place, knife crime, moped crime, gun crime..... people used to say “It’ll get like New York...” personally, I’d feel safer there.

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 24-06-2018

I’m back on form...

Why not bait a scooter with explosives?

There’s a thought!!

As Johnny Come Lately Swans off on his latest acquisition.... the inevitable happens.

How feckin satisfying would that be?

RE: Scooters London - lbk - 24-06-2018


RE: Scooters London - Ledwardio - 24-06-2018


RE: Scooters London - Buffalo - 24-06-2018

feck me did you see that bloke who picked up a London Marathon race number and went over the line collected a medal got 16 weeks FFS he could have mugger the actual runner round the corner on a moped and walked away with a caution

RE: Scooters London - lbk - 24-06-2018

Sounds about right ffs!

RE: Scooters London - Dilbert - 25-06-2018

I think you're making it all up and scaremongering, or that's what that nice Mrs May Lady said to the police commissioners when she laid 20,000 of them off last year Undecided

There will allegedly be an extra 10,000 police + SAS on London's streets on 12-14th July, when the fat tango visits, odd really given that he would obviously sort out any terrorists/ violent protesters with his bare hands Laugh

RE: Scooters London - Ledwardio - 23-11-2018

Glad to see the Cops have the green light to knock these scooter-clad robbers down, I just hope they are diligent in identifying the bad ‘uns and some poor commuter doesn’t get squashed.

RE: Scooters London - Badboybez - 23-11-2018

Seen this on the news - I want a go!

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 23-11-2018

This is THE best scooter chase I’ve seen...

RE: Scooters London - Buffalo - 23-11-2018

That’s just a matter of time Lee unfortunately someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up off hopefully just a few bumps and scrapes, the other issue that makes my piss boil will be the inevitable legal crowd looking for a payout representing these scum they are worse than the kids doing the crime 

Good to see they are getting stuck about them

RE: Scooters London - lbk - 23-11-2018

I was watching the Met getting stuck in the these Rats! Fuck me! They ain’t playing games either. Be nice if they killed a few of these Rats in the process of smashing fuck out of them.

If your average moped rider gets the blue lights treatment, they’d pull over with no drama. Chris is right. It’s the fucking legal eagles claims lawyers that are the problem. The government needs to stop them too. If your being naughty - your getting smashed. Simples!

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 23-11-2018

My thoughts are....

Is it worth it? The answer is no...

Will it produce results.... probably.

However, the law is simply that, it’s a line drawn in the sand that states... cross it and there will be consequences.

The fact that these people ride scooters is irrelevant, it’s the crime they are committing that requires a suitable response from the police, therefore by tactically removing that threat by reasonable force is de facto in law.

I don’t give a monkey’s about criminal solicitors.... as they are simply doing their job, defending scroats and being paid a princely sum.... but that’s their job.
After years in those circles, the one thing I learned very quickly and that is not to take it yesterday’s opponent was next days colleague.

But.... who enjoyed that chase?! The bit in the street market.... I was in awe of, but whowsers! That was one sweaty, Arse clencher of a pursuit... 11/10 to the cops.

RE: Scooters London - Badboybez - 09-01-2019

So why the outcry because some 14 year old cunt on a scooter gets his just desserts?

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 09-01-2019

He carried a knife, confirmed by his youth worker.

Was warned by several of his community that he was becoming a target from other gangs because he was taunting them.

Then there’s the question of motoring offences.... some people on today’s phone ins actually believed a 14 year old could ride them...

However .... a life has been lost in a most brutal way....

RE: Scooters London - Badboybez - 09-01-2019

Fuck him Doc

RE: Scooters London - DrMarten - 09-01-2019

I agree.... live by the sword etc...

RE: Scooters London - MarkW7 - 10-01-2019

What happened