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Full Version: Gs911 alternative
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Kev - should work for your new steed....

Taken from a thread on the GS Forum....

Quote:For many years I was using Gs911 as my main tool but recently MotoScan for BMW bikes was introduced to me ...
Wohle setup costed me around £100
£55 for the OBD Link LX
£9 for OBD to 10Pin cable
£37 for the highest version of the app
NO VIN limitation and for the lifetime updates.
MotoScan doesn't have to have all of the 911 functions but ...
I quickly discovered coding abilities of the app gs911 didn't have any of that !
So sime time ago I bought the set of spokes with TPM installed At that time I was convinced that Gs911 will pair the sensors if I get the box that goes under the seat
And I wasn't wrong after installing the RDC box I was able to add the sensors but nothing was showing on the display!
Untill last week ...
This is where coding function turned that function on the instrument cluster ...
I'm very happy about that
Now I have the pressure and temperature of the wheels ...
You know he doesn’t understand any of that Bez  Laugh
That’s a bit harsh Lee..... Laugh
I think it’s only on the RS range isn’t it? That is definitely worth looking into. I reckon you could do a lot more than just that too.
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ZFE BASIC and LOW: Calibrate the film sensor of the tank contents sensor
ZFE BASIC: Codes coded for coding index 07
ZFE HIGH: calibrate ESA front and back
ABS2 K15: Venting, actuator control, freeze frames and real-time data
Integral ABS2 K25: venting, actuator control and real-time data
BMSK: Block the idle actuators for the synchronization of cables
Favorite assignment corrected

GS 911 is just reverse engineered BM software... the south African guys pay the Chinese to hack it... and the price is a joke when you can get all the BM stuff for nothing.
(23-05-2019, 04:21 PM):angel:Ledwardoi Wrote: [ -> ]You know he doesn’t understand any of that Bez  Laugh

Is this a typo? Are you referring to your own lack of cognitive learning and understanding of all things technical?.....thought so! 

You carry on with your Etch A Sketch and leave the mans stuff to me.  Angel Just saying!
You do need wizardly skills to get anything out of an Etch A Sketch!
Yeah! Give him to much credit on that one - didn’t I Laugh