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Soooo, I went to the petrol station last night, started the bike up and it's a bit lumpy, double checked I've not put diesel in and then it starts smoking  [Image: 155.gif]

Rode the mile home in the 30mph limit and fine again, started it up this morning, more smoke attributed to water and GT85 on the radiator from cleaning it on the weekend (yes I know, but I do clean them sometimes).

Got into work and wafts of steam, but looked like dripping onto the exhaust pipe, getting doubtful about the cleaning bit now, left it for an hour and then tried again, didn't want to start, but after a couple of goes it started Ok, deffo getting lumpy now, then clouds of steam both from the front of the engine (coolant dripping from RH exhaust port) and out of the exhaust silencer  [Image: 086.gif]

Breakdown called and off back to Staffs Triumph as advised for them to have a look at, looks like I'm cadging a lift home  [Image: 003.gif]

2015 Explorer Roadie, 19,500 miles (was going to be booking it in for the big service today).
That ain’t good news....

Let’s see what the autopsy comes up with.
Feels expensive  Confused
Sounds expensive
Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it sounds
Not good mate. I’ve got everything crossed for you.
Sounds like it could be a head issue as it was a factory bike you have to wonder has it ended up with a gem 1 block and not had the cylinders head mod done that occurred on the 1st ones there were seem reports of later ones dropping a pot but not many and Trump were suporting out of warrenty In kinda repairs....... good luck hope they come good for you
Any news Steve?
It's at the dealer's still, they've stripped it down (engine out job) and confirmed no damage to the cylinders, or cylinder head, they're ordering in a head gasket set and should all be back together soon(ish), then it's wait and see if it works, or steam still comes out Undecided

Mentioned the warranty !!!
It's a three and a bit year old bike, but as I bought it ex-factory I get the full two year warranty, that's just expired (January), but I also mentioned (ready for it) the EU Warranty Protection Directive (what's the EU ever done for us) and the "reasonable life" stipulation, along the lines of "blowing it's head gasket at 19,500 miles isn't very reasonable", Paddy the service man was sending an email to Triumph Shy
This is why I am afraid of having an expensive vehicle Sad
(05-03-2019, 06:04 PM)MarkW7 Wrote: [ -> ]This is why I am afraid of having an expensive vehicle Sad

Does that mean cheap ones don’t break?
No but if my car or bike needed an engine it would cost more than them Laugh
Complete shitter when high value mechanicals go wrong.

These days it does help to have a back up plan..
Pisser mate! Get it repaired and move it on. They’re never right once they’ve had major surgery. Hope Triumph coff up for you.
Sorry to hear this as Kev says time to move it on once they it’s a slippery slope
Triumph have agreed to pay for the parts, head gasket, bolts, O-rings and a few bits and pieces that are needed for the rebuild, but would have been required for the 20,000 service (oil, oil filter, coolant change, etc).

Can't afford to trade it in just yet, should get at least a year's warranty on the repair which takes me to 3 years on the PCP (Dec 2019) and then hand it in for a shiny new one like Ginger Mackem's Smile
Have you got the bike back yet?
I’ve got to say that seems like shabby quality, I can’t imagine you’ve abused that engine so it should just go and go. Nothing’s made to last these days, grumble grumble, bah bah, back in my day....
It's in the workshop still waiting for the parts, different cost centre if they're on warranty, I'm sure you all know the score, may be sorted for Saturday, but if not I'm up at site all week the following week, so wouldn't be getting much use out of it anyhow, bad timing as the workshop is full of part-timer's bikes just coming out of hibernation.

Razzing it from cold has never been my thing, but it's ironic that it coped with me swiftly embracing the M56 after 1/2 mile's pootling at the old office, and then blows it's lid when I have 3-4 miles of slow traffic before getting near the M6/ A50, downside of buying an ex-factory director's bike, usually they're fairly tame, but this one could have been a "drive it like a hire car" merchant Huh
Good to hear Trump are helping out .... you can buy my old one for only £7250 from the Docs local dealer one careful owner  Laugh
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