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Full Version: Six Nations 2019.
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Anyone going to be following?
Wales kicked off against France.

Pulled the luckiest of comebacks, but a win is a win. 24-19 against our Gaelic cousins.

But, hats off to the Ladies England team thrashing Ireland 51-7.
The 10th of February is the grunge match....

England men v France

England Ladies v France

Don’t forget boys.... we’ve softened the Frogs up for you! Just sayin’ Big Grin
(02-02-2019, 08:03 AM)DrMarten Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone going to be following?

Can’t say I will be to be fair. I don’t mind watching a bit of egg chasing now and again though, it’s certainly got a bit more about it than hate-fuelled football.
(02-02-2019, 08:03 AM)DrMarten Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone going to be following?

I don’t mind a bit of Rugby good win for the “Land of my Fathers” come on Wales
England back with a bang.... the headlines state.

32-20 win over Ireland... not bad for all you sherry swilling toffs!

Scotland... who? Yes, the old men in skirts turned in a good result against Italy ... 33-20 

Today is the under 20s France v Wales.....
I’ll definitely be following. I love the 6 nations! Just a bit busy at the moment, but I’m hoping to sink some Guinness and watch a few games. Really wanted to watch England v Ireland but just to busy at the moment. 

Bev and I got offered tickets to this match but something come up that prevented us from going. we’ll get to watch them at some point. Jammy feckers the Welsh. That won’t be happening again.  Laugh
The U20 France v Wales didn’t exactly go to plan, those Gaelic snail munching swines thrashed is 32-10.

But, in the true spirit of the game... we were shit!

Just out of interest did anyone watch the super bowl
No! But i did watch the cheerleaders.... however with two men now cheerleaders, they were not even seen.
(02-02-2019, 08:03 AM)DrMarten Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone going to be following?

Oh yes !!! Well England has fucked up Irelands back to back plan of double grand slam  Laugh

Trouble with the French Welsh match was who to cheer along I mean having lived in Wales and suffered the hate of “I support anyone playing England” I felt it should be france to cheer but then they are lazy protesting white flag waving twats  Laugh
I will be watching all matches with copious amounts alcohol and Hungarian Goulash.  Cool
Saturday is for you then.... the Scots meet the Irish....

I’m grasping the lucky Shamrock, for I cannot stand the whinging and whining from Scottish...and that’s if they win or draw...

Italy and Wales..... well as the Italians are up to their armpits in diplomatic war of worlds with the Frogs... we could do the dirty, sneak in, and get a cheeky win.

Sunday.....the English Lion meet Le Frogs....could the English see off our snail munching neighbours.....with a resounding roar...
We should give the jocks a dam good kick up their kilts. I’ll be cheering the mighty England and willing them to smash fuck out of the frogs. Kind of a neutral with the sheep shaggers and the I ti’s. Not a fan of either tbh.  Laugh
You’ve got a cheek!

I’m supporting Ireland here.....
Ordinarily - that would a fair comment. But it’s the Welsh ffs. Even you know the rules on the the Welsh and the bin dippers.
Clearly, you’re in a belligerent mood tonight.....
(07-02-2019, 10:16 PM)DrMarten Wrote: [ -> ]Clearly, you’re in a belligerent mood tonight.....

I’m happy to start a war with the Welsh and the bin dippers. Doesn’t everyone? Laugh
Comparing the Welsh to the Mickey Mousers.....

You need to have your mouth washed out with carbolic soap.
(07-02-2019, 10:36 PM)DrMarten Wrote: [ -> ]Comparing the Welsh to the Mickey Mousers.....

You need to have your mouth washed out with carbolic soap.

OMG! This Brexit thing has really got you het up - hasn’t it. Look! We the people, voted to leave the EU and officially change Wales and rename it. South west Greater Manchester and fill it with Mancs. The other part was, to flatten Liverpool and Rhyl and use it as landfill sites. It was all done by a democratic vote. Just saying.
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