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Full Version: Chris Evans Virgin Radio advert
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As if this arsehole couldn’t get any more annoying he now has his son doing an add what an annoying little prick, i fecking hope whichever public school he sends him has a turn of the 19th century view on bullying
How many people would be allowed to take their kids to work?

Evans did for the week before Christmas....

You can see it now..... CV... presented BBC R2 breakfast show aged 10.
Switched on for 0630...

And he’s taken the same jingles, same format over to Virgin, plus his ego.
Well, they came from Virgin to BBC so why wouldn't he take them back?
I don’t know.... do tell!
You don't know what?

He left Virgin Radio, taking the same show and jingles etc to BBC, and now it sounds like he's taken the same suitcase of ahem, entertainment back to Virgin
I guess you buy the package....

Same jaded shite as he was peddling 20years ago.
Same smug twat needs a smack
DrMarten Wrote:I guess you buy the package....

Same jaded shite as he was peddling 20years ago.

I can't believe Don't Forget Your Toothbrush hasn't turned back up on TV
He did a 25th anniversary one??

But the PC brigade saw fit to cut it to a former shadow of itself.
I don't remember it being un-PC but then it was a while ago and different times
It was just Shite
What was the other shit one? TFI Friday....
Its simples yp8 can’t trust a ginger they are Twats I know this well  Laugh
Went to see a recording of TFI back in the day - it wasn't as much fun in cattle class as it looked in the bar  Laugh
Never is.

I think my eyes must’ve strayed to Gaby Roslin more than audiences