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Full Version: New MOT rules.
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These came in over the weekend.

Sunday, 20th May 2018.

Raft of more beaurocracy....but on the plus side, if your ride is from before 1978... no more MOT.
Heard briefly there's 3 categories instead of 2 now, from fail / advisories to dangerous, major, minor.

Info from GOV:
On the upside, no anti-tamper rules, or bike emissions (including noise) regulations
Me? Probably !
Retrofit HID is a result of poor fitting and inadequate reflectors and has been proposed a good while, the current MOT allows a fail for excessive noise as it is, it's always been at the discretion of the tester.

Don't know what's included in the cat gutting, etc, but since they're not allowed to disassemble and I assume still don't test emissions, then who's to know ?

The anti-tamper that was proposed was a ban on any replacement aftermarket parts, especially exhaust parts. I guess they can check if you've fitted a power commander, or other black box, but are they allowed to check ECU settings which may have been adjusted with Dealertune, or similar ?

I can't see your link properly, getting a 404 error, may just be the work network though