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Full Version: This Mortal Coil
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Indeed, looks like the Reaper sharpened his sythe overnight.

So many people going who were around when we were kids... makes you think about your own mortality!
Very true Doc make the most of what you have
Joy Lofthouse 94, often referred to as Mrs Spitfire.

She was a member of the wartime ATA.
Christine Keeler
Profumo Affair?
It’s a scandal
Depends how she died...
She was 75, and had COPD.... think that will polish most off.

They have some pictures of her on the BBC News site, stunningly attractive back in the day... makes you wonder what she saw in a dirty old fecker like Profumo... the obvious excepted!
Johnny Hallyday.
(06-12-2017, 11:37 PM)lbk Wrote: [ -> ]Johnny Hallyday.

French and weird  Confused
Loved his music me. A true iconic legend.
Each to their own....

He was weird though, big in France for being a French rock and roller, so how on earth did you pick up on music Kev? As you hate the French with a passion Huh

Or..... are you taking the piss Rolleyes
reckon he's taking the wee somewhat
How dare you both, How very dare you!
Ooh lah lah
By the looks of it, it looks like Chris Rea may not be driving home for Christmas.
I reckon once a star gets posted on here as being unwell... the Reaper won’t take long.

Just looked at the picture in the news.... didn’t recognise him.