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Full Version: This Mortal Coil
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Yep! I remember him. RIP.
Gareth Thomas, Blake in Blake's 7 passed yesterday - 71
Been a site year hasn't it. Loved Blake 7 RIP.
Same here. Really good series in its day...
All of them?
(18-04-2016, 04:58 PM)Lefty Wrote: [ -> ]All of them?

Might as well be...fucking Axl Rose jesus H f'ing christ.
Do you not fancy Guns 'n DC Bez?  Laugh
TBF. I'm suprised he's lasted this long. Lived life right to the max. Great rocker though
Kev!! He's not dead, Brian Johnson....

It's the band who's fucked by having that idiot Axl Rose as his replacement.
Oops! Feck me. Little Bri! RIP.
No Kev, Brian's not dead, he's had to stop performing as he's knackered his ears.

Didn't you get the memo?

No  Laugh Laugh
Victoria Wood, 62. Rest In Peace lady.

What a brutal year.
RIP. Very brutal year.
Very clever writer....

Didn't think she was 62 though, Simon Mayo played a track of hers, the one with the rampant wife and the husband who made excuses for a lack of action in the sack... The innuendo rises in time with the increase in tempo, as does the sexual tension and frustration. Genius.

Sad news - corker of a year so far!
RIP guess her flameproof nighty won't be any use now ..... It's a right old year for it!!
RIP to a local girl made good
Prince.....2016 strikes again!